– What is a Hydraulic Oil Cooler?

It is a device that allows the oil with high temperature to continue its operation by cooling it with air without interrupting the system properties.

– Is it mandatory to use oil in hydraulic oil cooler?

The use of oil is not mandatory. However, when water or other liquid is used, product life is shortened. Since the pipe diameters are adjusted according to the fineness of the oil, blockages may occur over time when water is used.

– What should I pay attention to when choosing a hydraulic oil cooler?

First of all, if you are replacing an oil cooler you have used before, you need to pay attention to its dimensions. If there is no cooler before; You can choose the products by looking at whether the pump, oil tank, device you will use in the system, how many degrees the device works and whether it fits the dimensions of the place you will use.

– Is There a Thermostat in The Product?

Yes, our products have a thermostat that is used to operate at 50 degrees.

– Will I have problems if I use the product without a thermostat?

If the product falls below the operating temperature, we do not recommend its continuous operation. This will reduce the service life of the product.

– Would I have a problem if I took off the thermostat and installed an on-off switch?

Yes, you’ll have problems. We recommend that you connect the thermostat and the on/off switch. Thus, you can save energy without having to operate the hydraulic oil cooler when the connected device is not working.

– Do hydraulic oil coolers perform cooling below ambient temperature ?

No. The product is able to cool to a certain degree because it performs a cooling process using the ambient air.

– Can we order special sizes?

Yes, we can. You can order in the sizes you want by contacting us from our contact numbers.

– Do hydraulic oil coolers make a cooling under the environment?

No. Since the product uses the air in the environment for cooling, it can cool up to a certain degree.